Mandira Seems To Be Returning To Work Soon Suggested By Her Pictures

Mandira Bedi sends positivity and love as she is looking forward to a fresh start at her work. She is still recovering from the unfortunate demise of her husband Raj Kaushal.

Actress Mandira Bedi gave hints regarding her new project and teased the look from her new beginning. She has been constantly trying to put her life together aftermath the unfortunate demise of her beloved husband Raj Kaushal; however, she has been trying to look forward to a new start professionally. Although, this is just a suggestion from her new smiling picture.

Mandira Bedi Recent Post (Image source: Instagram)

In the picture, Mandira is dressed in a beautiful pink saree and is posing against the green screen backdrop. As a caption, she said, “Sending some love and positivity to anyone who needs it”.

Around seven days ago, a post was uploaded on social media by the actress that it was time to start afresh. A note was also shared saying that she is worthy and capable. She is also loved and strong. “Time to #beginagain” was mentioned in her post.

The actress also shared some of their pictures together earlier this month remembering her husband. She uploaded some beautiful pictures with a caption saying, “25 years of knowing each other. 23 years of marriage.. through all the struggle.. through every crest and trough.”

Filmmaker Raj Kaushal died due to a heart attack. Raj Kaushal and Mandira Bedi got married in 1999. Their son Vir was born in the year 2011, last year they also adopted their 4-year-old daughter Tara. Raj Kaushal was popular for providing direction to films like ‘Shaadi ka Laddoo’, and ‘Pyar Mein Kabhi Kabhi’.

Mandira Bedi and Raj Kaushal

The last rites were performed by Bedi in Mumbai, and she was trolled online for it. Mini Mathur, Sona Mohaptra, and Mukti Mohan defended her and stood by her side calling her courageous and brave.

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