Mangalvaaram Actress Payal Rajput Wants to Cook for Prabhas, Clip Viral on X

Payal Rajput, an actress known for her Punjabi hit Channa Mereya, and Telugu movies, was caught on camera sharing a fangirl moment for Prabhas in an adorable way. Her interview clip is trending on X. Netizens, especially Prabhas fans are swooning over her with pure admiration.

I will cook for him. Rajma Rice is my favorite cuisine. I really want him to have home made Rajma Rice“, says Paayal in the viral clip. 

Her movie, “Mangalvaaram” premiered on 17th November and the response has been overwhelming. 

Payal expresses her feelings in a post on X.

This is my best performance ever in my entire career. The response has been amazing with all the paid shows for the film completely booked and response has been nothing short of incredible. (Payal Rajput expresses her joy in a short clip on X.)

Mangalvaaram is a horror-thriller with the first day IMDb rating of 9.2/10. ( – Check out full casting)
She has been busy doing promotions for the last couple of weeks and in an interview, she won our hearts. 

After release of the trailer, audience is stuck in an anticipatory mode. It gives impression of an unconventional female protagonist in an intense plotline. There is drama, horror, murder mystery, suspense, and incredible cinematography set in a rather simple seeming village backdrop. The perplexed eyes coupled with dramatic background score, almost transfer the adrenaline rush to the viewer.

Image description: A scene from the latest Tollywood release Mangalvaaram showing Paayal Rajput in an eerie background. She lays apparently naked in a rusty steel tub amidst a field, starring Payal Rajput, the trending actress on X.
A cinematic shot from the movie.

The viral clip on X is from an interview with Kavya, and it was originally published on SumanTVVizag YouTube channel 8 days ago. She loves talking to her fans and, is very candid about it. She talks about Tollywood actors she’d like to date and there we have our viral shot, where she is pleasantly expressing her wish to cook and organise lunch for Prabhas. As her favorite cuisine is Rajma Rice, like most of us, she wants Prabhas to have a home made hearty lunch. 

He is a man of few words. He is a very beautiful soul inside out. ~ Payal talking about Prabhas 

In the interview, we say many facets of her personality. She said she may get a butterfly tattooed soon. Her display picture on Instagram clearly suggests her fascination for butterflies. Like many of us, the introverts, she prefers texts over calls. We are waiting for captivating photos from Tokyo next month, where she plans to celebrate her birthday.

Payal Rajput poses with Allu Arjun. Image source: Instagram

Additionally, in an earlier interview with Kavya, published 10 days ago by YouTube channel, Great Andhra, she talks about her experiences on sets of Mangalvaaram. She also mentioned that she has been taking tuitions to learn Telugu thrice a week. She aspires to polish her Telugu skills to be able to dub for her own movies.
In the candid conversation, she adds that the movie set to break norms and create an emotional narrative. Enthusiastically, she loved the script, despite its challenging nature for her as an actress. The project has been a tireless journey for the whole Mangalvaaram team. She hopes that audience can approach this film with an open mind. This is her second collaboration with Ajay Bhupathi after 2018 blockbuster, RX 100. 

Director Ajay Bhoopathi and the Telegu Actress Payal Rajput seen chatting on the sets of movie Mangalvaaram.
Ajay Bhoopathi and Payal Rajput as seen on the sets of the movie. Image source: @donechannel1 on Instagram

Payal says Ajay Bhoopathi is able to bring out the best in his actors and follows a rather strict approach. He facilitated her in exploring the depths of the character making her embrace the intense female protagonist we see in the trailers. Moreover, Payal enjoys a “staying rooted in the present moment“- approach to life that keeps her both motivated and content. 

Ultimately, Payal has a charming personality, and we are rooting for her success in both love and career. 

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