Are you being manipulated in your relationship? Read these 6 signs!

Relationships are fragile. Maintaining a healthy and successful love bond is no cakewalk. Both the partners have to equally work together, compromise and put in efforts to lead a happy stable relationship. It is all about give and take. However, if you feel like it is you who is constantly being made to make all the compromises and do things against your will, chances are your partner is a big time manipulator and wants to control you.

Here are 5 signs that prove you are being manipulated and dating a wrong guy.

1. You have to act as per his wish: Is your partner the kind of person who wants everything to be according to him? For instance, he asks you to do something.¬† You are unwilling to do that but still you have to do it because ‘No’ is not an option. If you go against his will, the tone of his voice and the look in his eyes further force you to act as per his will.

2. He needs you especially when you are with your friends and family?

Have you ever noticed¬† that your guy suddenly starts acting clingy and demanding when he gets to know your plans sans him? Like, this neediness only arises when you have any plans which do not include him. Well, this is nothing but yet another way of manipulation. Maybe he just can’t stand seeing you happy without him being there.

3. Are you blamed all the time?: No matter whose mistake it is or what the issue is, you are made to feel like you are the culprit and have ruined the life of your partner. On the other hand, what he does is play the victim card, all the time. At the end it is always you who has to apologise.

4. Do you feel guilty?: Have you reached a point where you yourself feel guilty about not being good enough for your guy? You entered this relationship as a confident girl but after being made to feel so guilty, you have started doubting yourself and live in a constant guilt.

5. Emotional blackmail: If your partner takes aid of statements like ‘I will hurt myself if your ever leave me’, or ‘I will kill myself’, no points for guessing that he is emotionally blackmailing you. Also, this is not a sign of a healthy relationship at all. All he is trying to do is to dominate you. It is also not good for your own mental health to be with such a partner.

If you found these signs relatable, it is high time you re-think about your relationship!


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