Manoj Bajpayee Feels Embarrassed Of Her Daughter’s Inability To Speak Hindi; Checkout Story!

Manoj Bajpayee undoubtedly is the most versatile and talented actor in the Indian film industry. Currently, he is in the news for his upcoming controversial film ‘Sirf ek banda kafi hai’. Manoj has been busy promoting his film at various events. Recently he revealed something about his daughter Ava to a news channel. Scroll further to know the deets inside.

Manoj Bajpayee’s Daughter Ava Cannot Speak Hindi


Actor Manoj Bajpayee made fun of his daughter Ava in a recent interview when he said that she doesn’t speak Hindi. He claimed that given her father’s body of work, Ava’s Hindi teacher is unhappy about this because she had high expectations for her proficiency in the language.

Manoj Calls Her Daughter Is Angrez

In an interview with Janice Sequeria Manoj Reveals that, “Puri Angrez Hai Woh”. Ava has been scolded several times for not speaking in Hindi. But the girl doesn’t listen to it. Manoj feels embarrassed when her daughter doesn’t speak Hindi. But nowadays she is making efforts to learn Hindi.

Ava has been watching soap operas with a buddy to improve her Hindi, even though she dislikes watching his films, according to Manoj. Ava was left in the van, according to Manoj, and he instructed his aide to watch over her while he went for a shot. His assistant informed him that Ava had entered Tiger’s van next door and identified herself as “Manoj Bajpayee’s daughter” when he returned. She is an opportunist, she doesn’t know Hindi, but she adores Hindi cinema actors, he added, adding, “Yeh badi opportunist hai, Hindi-vindi seekh nahi rahi hai.”

Ava is pretty outgoing, according to him, and she made up a friendship with Tiger Shroff on her own. “Ava came on my set for the first time on Baaghi 2,” he said to Janice Sequeira. She called the action for one scene and Ahmed Khan greeted her.


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