Martha Stewart Melts By Looking At This Actor’s Pictures; Find Out Who It Is?

Martha Stewart has a crush on Brad Pitt. During her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Martha Stewart revealed the celebrity she has a crush on.

When asked who she would like to meet, Martha Stewart replied that she would like to meet this handsome man. The host revealed that the young man is Brad Pitt.

As everyone knows, Brad Pitt does not have a social media account but has many fan accounts. Martha stated that she enjoys following the actor’s fan pages and joked that she is a Brad Pitt Fan Club member.

Martha added that he looks better and better as the years go by, adding that she melts when she looks at those pictures. She added that he is so cute!

Previously, on The Drew Barrymore Show, Martha stated that she would like to go on a date with Pete Davidson. She described Pete Davidson as a nice and cute guy, adding that she met him at the 2015 Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber. Later, she clarified that Pete Davidson appears to be her long-lost son, but Drew pointed out that the comedian has dated older women. It seems like Martha has moved on from Pete Davidson to Brad Pitt.

During her interview with Drew, Martha said she had been single for about 30 years. She also said she made mistakes in relationships in the past and should have gotten married sooner. Martha Stewart married publisher Andrew Stewart in 1961, but the couple separated in 1990.

During the interview, Jimmy Fallon asked Martha about visiting the Kardashians. She replied that it was fabulous, adding that they live in a compound and have a very nice house with many rooms. The host described how, during her visit, she got to visit every closet and refrigerator in their house.

It was reported that Pete Davidson is seeing model Emily Ratajkowski. Brad Pitt was spotted with Ines de Ramon. Ines recently separated from her husband, Paul Wesley.

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