Matthew Perry Became ‘Angry And Mean’ Due To Testosterone Shots: Report

The unexpected death of Matthew Perry shocked the entertainment world, but the autopsy report revealed something much more shocking. It seems that ketamine overuse and other medicines in Perry’s system contributed to his demise.

A report obtained by Page Six just disclosed more horrifying information regarding the star’s final days. The source states that the Friends star becomes “angry and mean” as a result of abusing certain narcotics.

Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry depended on nicotine lollipops and testosterone shots in his last days

As per the report published on page six, a female companion of the late Matthew Perry disclosed that the testosterone shots he had gotten had made him act “angry and mean” in the weeks leading up to his death. Previous reports suggested that ketamine, coronary artery disease, and buprenorphine effects were combined to cause Matthew Perry’s death. In addition to the deadly combination, a recent revelation states that Perry also used nicotine lollipops, took an antidiabetic medication, and took Tamoxifen for weight loss.

The report revealed, “In the assistant’s bedroom, there were multiple open, empty, half-filled medication bottles prescribed to the decedent, as well as over-the-counter medications, vitamins, digestive aids, and dishes filled with multiple various loose pills, tablets, caplets, candy, and breath mints.”


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The actor used the male hormone, but it’s unclear why. Further probing into the matter is currently underway. According to the top neuroscientist, Dr. Bankole Johnson, who interviewed for the magazine, “It would be questionable medicine to provide ketamine to someone also using buprenorphine—a true recipe for disaster.”