Maxi tops- All the rage this summer

With the ongoing summer season and just a month remaining for freshmen joining colleges, the cravings to make a fashion statement has also set into action. College is just another platform for expressing one’s personality and what better way to do so by styling oneself?
College fashion is all about dressing trendy and chic that is comfortable and set within a budget limit. Here are some ways to bask in the college ambiance with the ongoing maxi-top trend.

1) The casual look

A split maxi-top with classic ripped jeans paired with flip-flops or gladiator sandals can simply be the go-to look for any day. This can further be accessorized with a choker or a pair of sunglasses.

2) The ethnic style
A maxi-top with some traditional prints or work could do wonders with some palazzos or a fish-cut skirt. This could be paired with any strappy or toe-ring sandals and to accessorize this look, one can simply go with a pair of jhumkas or an ethnic collar-bone choker.

Apart from a complete ethnic look, indo-western looks can also be achieved by going in with a simple maxi-top and adding a traditional accessory to it.

3) The sassy layers

Sheer tops are never off the list so why forget the sheer maxi-tops? These sheers are a perfect way to shake things up by adding a different toned spaghetti or a tube top underneath. There are no limitations to pairing footwear or accessorizing.

4) The crop top effect

Maxi crop tops are yet another signature looks that are all the rage in colleges. One could pair this up with a high waist pant and a pair of flat shoes or sandals. Going in with a choker or chain necklace and a pair of hoop earrings is super classy.

5) The party look

It is inevitable to attending parties in college days and the maxi-top offers a look for that too. Simply pair a maxi shirt-dress with a tube top, a pair of shorts and heels for an effortless party look which doesn’t trouble your budget too. This can also be accessorized with a fedora hat for a classier look.

6) The floral style

Floral pattern is a summer-essential and hence it cannot be ignored on this list too. A strapless maxi-top with slits on the sides and front is a must-have look and this can go with any pair of pants or shorts. For add-ons, one can wear a hair-band for a more co-ordinated look.

7) The dress layer

Maxi-tops which are open from the front can also be worn as an over-all on a short dress to accentuate it. This adds the element of chic-ness to the dress and can add more color. One can simply work on the combination of having one layer plain and the other printed. Accessorizing it with a neckpiece will further highlight the dress.


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