Meet Vidya Balan, The Sherni Everyone Lionizes and Wishes To Be

Vidya Balan- it’s just a name.

Yet, her very mention reminds everyone of the roles she took in hand to play and rock on the silver screen. Bold, Timid, Fearless, Fiery, Attacking- you name it. She has time and again bashed stereotypes in Bollywood, proving to the audience what she is capable of when it comes to following her passion.

And we love her and adore her for that reason, for she is that- a sherni with a cause.

Opening about the judgements and standards slapped in front of her face, the Kahaani actress talks about how she does roles consciously, irrespective of what the standards say. She feels nothing is more important than giving your best.

Since her Bollywood debut through Parineeta in 2005, Vidya has vowed the audience with her eximious capabilities, and her strength. Bhool Bhulaiya, No one Killed Jessica, The Dirty Picture, Paa, Kahaani, Ishqiya, Mission Mangal, Tumhari Sulu and Shakuntala Devi gave the audience moments to reflect on her power-packed performances, daring everyone to work hard to make their dreams come true.

‘I did not set out to break stereotypes but I think through my experiences in life, especially as an actor, I have realised I am not going to let anything come in the way of me being an actor,’ says Vidya, who is also a National Award winner, and Padmashri awardee.

She further adds, ‘If you say I’m too fat to be an actor, or too short for the same, or I do disgustingly bold sequences, or that I say random things, just remember one thing for a fact: I may not change who I am, but to carve a niche for myself in the field I love, I know to find my own way.’

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‘My passion for what I do has seen me through because I really can’t change anything about myself, so I did not set out to break stereotypes. I just said if it doesn’t work, too bad it has to work, because I am going to make it work. It has to work because I want to be an actor,’ she continued.

She says that the ‘stereotypic challenges’ got resolved in the way, and not because of the roles she donned.

Currently, she awaits with great interest Newton director’s venture, Sherni. She smiles, and says she feels proud to be called one, a sherni. ‘Every time I look around me, I see a lot of women who derive their happiness from the works they do. I identify with them, maybe because I am one of them, and steering them ahead gives me immense pleasure, in motivating them to take up the things they love.’

‘The more I look around me, more and more of us are finding that purpose, are living out our dreams. I think it is also a reflection of what’s happening in the world around us because cinema is a reflection of reality.’

For the uninitiated, Sherni is set to rock the screens on Amazon Prime on June 18. Wishing the multifaceted actor success in this venture of hers, and all her future projects!

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