Minissha Lamba Opens Up About Her Divorce After 5 Years Of Marriage

Minissha Lamba had everyone admiring her natural beauty and cute looks when she had made her entry into Bollywood. However, on the work front, things did not look up for long. After being seen on Bigg Boss 8 and working with several south Indian movies and shows, Minissha decided to get married and lead a low-key life. However, recently the actress announced her separation from her husband Ryan Tham in 2020 who is in the restaurant business.    Minissha Lamba

She had not spoken up about her separation and how the divorce proceedings have been on her. In the interview Lamba finally opened up about the divorce she said “I would like to put it like this: Everyone has the right to live happily. Divorce was looked down upon in our society but now that women are self-dependent and can voice their opinions, things have changed. Earlier, only women were responsible to bear the burden of a relationship. They had the sole responsibility for all the sacrifices (required). But now, they have understood that they have the right to walk out if they are not happy in the marriage.”

She goes on to clarify the going through a divorce has not been a vile experience for her. She further goes on to add that “Divorce is not easy but when the relationship is toxic, walking out is the right option. I would like to add that relationship or marriage can be an important part of your life but it cannot be your complete life. Unfortunately, women are recognized by their relationships and marital status. However, things are now changing.”    Minissha Lamba

Ever since her marriage or even before that Minissha did not make a mark on the industry. Although there was a time when she had gathered a massive fan following but that did not last much. She had made her Bollywood debut in 2005 in the movie called yahaan directed by Soojit Sircar. Her filmography also includes movies from big production houses like bachna ae haseeno with Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, and Bipasha Basu. One of the hit multi-starer movies was honeymoon travels Pvt. ltd. Her most recent film was a Sanjay Dutt starrer Bhoomi.

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