Mira Rajput shares her experience of “expectations versus reality” in Yoga.


Shahid Kapoor’s better half, Mira Rajput, loves doing yoga and has frequently credited it for assisting her with recuperating post-pregnancy. The mother-of-two workout consistently to remain healthy and regularly shares pieces from her daily schedule with fans. Today, she took to the photograph sharing application to discuss the expectations versus the reality of her yoga schedule, and we unquestionably relate.

Mira has taken to Instagram and shared an entertaining video of herself doing yoga and she wrote the caption, “YOGA 101: Expectations versus Reality! Who’s with me?”

The video starts with the title, “Me walking into yoga class like.”

We see Mira starting her day’s yoga class with a brilliant smile that yells enthusiasm. In the video, she is seen doing Halasana or the plow pose. And present the whole cycle in two portions – expectations and reality. She is seen doing yoga wearing an athleisure outfit.

The video starts with the title, “Me walking into yoga class like.” Mira looks cheerful toward the start of the video. Then, at that point, the scene movements to her resting on the mat and attempting to do the Halasana.

The Video starts with the subtitle, “I’m going to Nama-slay.”

We see in the initial segment of the video, Mira doing Halasana flawlessly with no battle. As she begins bringing her legs over her head, she portrays what goes on to her through entertaining subtitles that are, “I’m going to Nama-slay,” and “This is how I’m going to look.”

The reality is far from expectations.

Nonetheless, the fact of the matter is a long way from that. The subsequent part shows Mira battling yet at the same time figuring out how to do the yoga pose. As she does the asana, wrote a caption, “s**t this is hard”, “omg I’m dying”, “when is it over”, “actually dead”, “I can’t do this anymore”, “why are they counting so slowly”, “pizza tonight”, “oh that feels good”, and “I love yogaaaa”.

The video ends with “I love yogaaaa”.

Mira’s amusing video shows the truth of how we are far from reality but it will happen if we make little effort to do it. And it also reflects how we all fight with wellness, however, it likewise propelled us to bring out the yoga mat from our storage room and exercise today.

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