Mock Oxygen Drill Takes The Life Of 22 People In Uttar Pradesh

Nearly 22 patients who were admitted to Paras Hospital in Uttar Pradesh died brutally at the hands of hospital owner on April 26th. Unawares to no one since the time, here is what happened. 

The 22 patients who were admitted to the Paras Hospital due to dipping oxygen levels were left gasping for breath. As they began to feel the pain of oxygen depletion, the patients bodies began to turn blue, resulting in their untimely death.  The reason being a mock oxygen drill conducted for 5 minutes by the hospital’s owner. 

While no one was aware what had happened in those 5 minutes, a video of the hospital owner, Dr Arinjay Jain became viral leading to a probe into the matter. According to news daily sources, the hospital was facing less oxygen cylinders which led to this atrocious act. 

Dr. Jain was overheard speaking to people in a video claiming that the 22 people turned blue during his mock oxygen drill wherein he turned off the oxygen off for 5 long minutes hampering the health of critical patients. 

This is what Dr. Jain stated in the video, “We were told that to make people understand and have them discharged, there’s no oxygen. Even the chief minister cannot get oxygen, that’s the situation, so start discharging patients. Modi Nagar is dry. We started making people understand, they said they will not leave, Then we conducted a mock drill at 7 am…Then we identified 22 patients. We realised they would die. They started turning blue and 74 were left. It was done for five minutes. We told the 74 others to get their own cylinders.”

The life of 22 people rested in the hands Dr. Jain as he choose to play God and decide who gets to live and deserves the oxygen. In view of this cruelty, the Uttar Pradesh government has began a probe into the matter. Adding to this, Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi took to twitter to say, “There should be strict action against those responsible for this heinous crime.” 

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