Modern Family Star Sofia Vergara Battled With Sugar Addiction, Shares How She Overcame It

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, actress Sofia Vergara candidly opened up about her “addiction to sweets, to sugar.” She revealed her struggle to control her urges, even trying hypnotism, which didn’t work. “I have tried many things to manage it, including hypnotism, and it did not work,” she admitted.

Sofia’s Sugar Struggle

Balancing Diet for Indulgence

To accommodate her sweet cravings, Vergara follows a balanced diet at home, avoiding fattening foods like hamburgers and pizza. This allows her to indulge in her favourite treats. “I try to eat a balanced diet at home, and avoid fattening food such as hamburgers and pizza, just so I can eat sweets,” she explained.

Dulce de Leche Delight

When it comes to her go-to sweet treat, Vergara has a particular fondness for cake. “I mean any kind. But I do like dulce de leche, it’s like a caramel,” she said, adding, “Usually, they don’t do it that great here in L.A. I haven’t found anyone, but when I go to Miami or Latin America, they’re great.”

Dulce de Leche Dilemma

Beauty and Confidence

Beyond her dietary revelations, Vergara also shared her thoughts on beauty and confidence. She admitted to always putting on makeup, even at home, as she loves feeling put together. “I don’t understand people who are like, ‘I feel great when I wake up in the morning.’ No. I’m like, put the whole thing on and then I feel right,” she quipped.

The Beauty of Indulgence

Sofia Vergara’s candid admissions about her sugar addiction and beauty routines offer a relatable glimpse into her life. While she struggles with her sweet tooth, she finds balance through a mindful diet and indulges in her favourite treats. Her commitment to self-care and confidence serves as an inspiration, reminding us to embrace our quirks and prioritize what makes us feel beautiful.