Mom-To-Be Deepika Padukone Shares Cryptic Post: ‘Complaining less, Accomplishing More’

Deepika Padukone is soon to become a mother and has revealed yet another enigmatic statement while expecting. Deepika shared a message on her Instagram stories on Saturday that emphasized the value of praying more and complaining less.

It is possible to interpret the note’s message as: “Posting less. Doing more. Comparing less. Reflecting more, Complaining less, Praying more. Discussing less. Accomplishing more.”

About Instagram Post

As she adjusts to motherhood, Deepika Padukone has given yet another enigmatic message. The actress, who is soon to become a mother, shared a remark on her Instagram stories on Saturday that encouraged people to pray more and stop whining. ‘Posting less,’ the quote said. stepping up our efforts.

Making fewer comparisons. pondering further. Complaining less. praying more. speaking less. Reaching further. Deepika Padukone announced her first pregnancy with actor-husband Ranveer Singh back in February, along with a cute poster that said “September 2024.” This post coincides with her pregnancy. 

Deepika’s Work Life

Deepika Padukone’s latest cinematic endeavour saw her opposite Hrithik Roshan in the action-packed “Fighter.” However, her upcoming role in “Kalki 2989 AD” holds immense significance, featuring a stellar cast including icons like Amitabh Bachchan and Kamal Haasan.

In this critically important film set in the future, Deepika is set to share the screen with the charismatic Prabhas. With its futuristic themes and powerhouse cast, “Kalki 2989 AD” promises to be a cinematic spectacle, eagerly anticipated by audiences worldwide. Deepika’s involvement in such a high-profile project underscores her stature as one of Bollywood’s most accomplished and sought-after leading ladies.