Mom-To-Be Mira Rajput Is Craving For This Thing In Her Trimester

By admin

July 03, 2018

Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor had a fairy tale wedding and became parents to adorable Misha in less than a year. And now that Misha is soon turning two, Mira is expecting her second child. Mira Rajpur is acing her style game in her second pregnancy and showing off her baby bump like a pro.



Unlike the first pregnancy where Mira was a coy little girl, this lady is now a super confident in her shoes and sharing her thoughts during her pregnancy with her fans. Whether it was her confused state of mind or being unable to choose between her jeans. She has been sharing her thoughts throughout her pregnancy journey.


Being in her third trimester, Mira Rajour has started having those crazy cravings that every pregnant lady experiences. And her cravings is none other than the favourite of many PIZZA! Yes, our beautiful mommy to be is having Pizza cravings and we hope that  Shahid fulfils this craving soon.