Bollywood has come a long way and so have the typical award functions. From extravagant sets to mesmerising performances, award shows have become one of the most awaited events for any Bollywood fan. We all know that almost every award show is scripted and all the drama that goes during the show is pre planned but there many instances where some of the actors lost their cool and created some awkward situation at the awards night.

In this article we bring you some of the very awkward fights and dramas that took place during the award shows. Have a look :

1. Neil Nitin Mukesh’s fight with Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan :

During filmfare awards, Neil Nitin Mukesh was once  trolled for his name and it irked him and he was really offended. He stood up and expressed that he felt insulted because his father was also sitting at the audience. He even used the word ‘shut up’ for both Saif and SRK.

2. Ashutosh Gowarikar’s verbal fight with Sajid Khan :

During the Screen Awards,Ashutosh was really offended when Sajid Khan made fun of his movie Jodha Akbar.

3. KRK’s fight with Ali Asgar and Suresh Menon :

During one of the award shows, Ali Asgar and Suresh Menon gave a funny Baalti Award to KRK but this made his really angry. He was so upset that he threw the award back on them and called them 2rs jokers.

4.  A die-hard fan of SRK held SRK’s leg :

While SRK was speaking on the stage of IIFA Awards, a die-hard fan of him somehow made his way to stage and held SRK’s legs and refused to leave him. He desperately started pleading him to give him a chance to become an actor.

5.  Salman’s fight with Mithoon and Arijit Singh :

Well this one created an ugly controversy. This had to be one of the most awkward fights ever because Salman lost his control over his anger on both of them and rest is history.

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