In Talk With: Mrs. Smriti Bhatia, An Innovative Architect

Smriti Bhatia is an architect and one of the principal designers of the hotel ‘Roseate House’ in Aerocity which recently won the ‘Most Innovative Design ‘award by SATTE!

Smriti takes great pride in raising her two kids and enjoys reading, sketching and travelling. She is passionate about Indian Heritage and Handlooms and currently engaged in reviving ‘Mehrauli Archaeological Park’ under ‘Adopt a Heritage ‘government scheme with the revival of ‘ Gol Gumbad’ a prominent 15th-century tomb in Delhi. Below is the extract from the conversation:

Please tell us about a few prominent projects you have worked on?

I have designed two luxury hotels which include Roseate House at Aerocity and The Roseate New Delhi. My other projects include BMW Building and Private House in Gurgaon and The Hyde Bar in London, which is a chic bar located at Roseate House.

Where do you derive inspiration from for projects?

I am inspired by everyday things, those which appeal to my eye. Lot of my design elements are inspired by nature. I also derive inspiration from well-executed projects. You will also see lot of influence of heritage in my work.

Please elaborate about your work in reviving the Mehrauli Archeological Park?

I have always felt strongly about our heritage buildings and how it can be showcased to the world. My work in reviving the Mehrauli Archeological Park involves restoring the building to its original glory. It is essential to use the right material and design elements to make it relevant for the contemporary audience but at the same time maintaining its identity.

As an architect what has been your career journey like?

Architecture is an amazing amalgamation of art, science and psychology. There is no limit, one is always learning and that is the best experience in itself. It pushes me to be more observant and patient.

Which project has so far been the most exciting in your career?

The Roseate New Delhi has been the most challenging and exciting experience. It was challenging to create a resort in the middle of the city. The result — an urban oasis with tranquil water bodies, acres of greenery and splendid design. The hotel is an architectural marvel and I learnt greatly by executing it. Each time it wins an award for its design or architecture it is an overwhelming feeling. But an even better feeling is how it enhances the guest experience.

Tell us something about your future plans?

I intend to continuously improve my skills by doing related courses, gaining more site experience and executing projects with better finishing and details.

Are you planning to take some International projects in long run?

I will be happy to do projects that come my way- national or international, doesn’t matter.

How do you maintain work-life balance?

Being a mother to two kids, it now comes naturally to me. There is no fine line between the two, however, I do make a conscious effort to dedicate the first half of the day to work and the second half to kids and family.