Multani Mitti: Grandma’s Secret Skincare Formula You Must Try!

We should all count it a gift that our mother’s and grandmother’s go-to remedy for skin and hair problems, Multani Mitti, is still there today. Who doesn’t want to appear immaculate, radiant, and beautiful? Everyone complies. However, despite our best efforts, it might be a little challenging to take care of our skin and hair in this busy world. But because of our mothers’ and ancestors’ “secret,” Multani Mitti always performs well when called for.
We used to detest it when our mothers and grandmothers would apply Multani Mitti paste to our skin and hair when we got home from school, though. But now that we are aware of the advantages of Multani Mitti, we owe them this in perpetuity.

This article will undoubtedly inform you of the advantages of Multani Mitti if you are still in the dark about them. Continue reading!


The advantages of Multani Mitti are enough to solve all of your skincare and haircare problems, especially in the summer. So, let’s examine the advantages of Multani Mitti.


Exfoliation is essential for maintaining healthy skin… We have a plethora of alternatives for exfoliating the skin at our disposal. However, the majority of them come in granulated form, which, especially if you have sensitive skin, can potentially irritate the skin. The granules’ extreme abrasiveness is too much for many skin types to handle. Therefore, Fuller’s earth or Multani Mitti can save you from this extreme roughness. Multani Mitti is capable of removing dead skin cells, according to a study that was published in The Open Dermatology Journal. The skin will appear more luminous and bright as a result. Additionally, Multani Mitti will never irritate your skin; rather, it will calm it.

Make a paste of Multani Mitti and rose water, then apply it to the face to take advantage of this Multani Mitti benefit.
Wait until the pack is completely dry. When it dries, simply wash it off with plain water to achieve perfect skin.


Acne, blackheads, and whiteheads are major issues among the younger population. Multani Mitti is the greatest remedy for resolving these problems. Multani Mitti alone is sufficient to treat acne, blackheads, and whiteheads; no other treatments or medications are required. Numerous research has established the anti-inflammatory qualities of Multani Mitti, which assist to reduce acne-related inflammation. Additionally, Multani Mitti can absorb extra skin oil. Sebum production, or the natural oil produced by the glands, is another factor.


Each of us has a crown made of hair, and having dirty hair is the worst. However, contaminants, dust, and dirt are constantly prepared to contaminate them. And all of this causes the scalp to produce too much oil, which makes our hair look sticky and unattractive. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry about that because Multani Mitti has a lot of advantages. When applied to the scalp, Multani Mitti absorbs all excess oil and sheds dead skin. This helps to widen pores so that nutrients may enter the hair’s roots and grow healthy, voluminous, silky, and shinier hair.
The cooling qualities of Multani Mitti aid in calming the skin.

Even with several layers of skin protection, we tend to get a few sunburns and skin tans when we venture outside in the sweltering heat, especially in the summer. However, Multani Mitti can be used to calm the skin and aid in the healing of burns. Simply combine the Multani Mitti powder with some rose water or plain water and apply it to the affected region to receive this Multani Mitti benefit. Once the pack has dry, rinse it with cold water. The outcomes will astound you.

I so hope that moving forward you would likewise respect our family secret whenever you have any issue with any skin type.

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