“Muslim Contestant Share Bed With Hindu Girl” People Criticize Bigg Boss As This Old Image Goes Viral

Bigg Boss has commenced and so has the nuisance that it causes. This show brings with it a whole lot of controversies and fights and name-callings but people love to watch that. Many people get glued to their TV screens as the show airs every night and more so love to watch it for the controversies that it brings with it.

This year’s Bigg Boss kick-started with a bigger controversy. Female contestants and male contestants were asked by the Bigg Boss to share a bed with each other and this has created a ruckus. Not just inside the house but even in the outside world, especially social media.

Fast forward to now, some of the happenings on Bigg Boss 13 have simply irked the netizens and to such an extent that a hashtag called JehadFelataBiggBoss was in the top trends last night. According to these trolls, the makers of Bigg Boss are degrading the Hindu culture and promoting jehad by making a Brahmin woman sleep with a Muslim man from Kashmir named Asim Riaz. In fact, a lot of them have also appealed their followers to boycott the show. Check out the tweets below:


However, a little fact check and we realised that the image that is going viral on social media isn’t of the contestant in question. Is it, in fact, a screenshot of one of the old episodes from Bigg Boss 9 and features Suyyash Rai and Kishwar Merchant and the two got married after coming outside the house. The clip shows them getting intimate and is from the year 2015.