“Muslims To Marry Hindu Girl & Get 5 Lakhs” Koena Mitra Tweets About Love Jihad, But Is It Real Or Fake?

A picture of an advertisement asking Muslim boys to marry Hindu girls and convert them into Islam is going viral on social media. Many people have been sharing this message and showing how love jihad is still being propagated. Even actress Koena Mitra has shared this tweet with a  concerned tone. But honestly, it is another attempt to disturb the peace between the two religions in India.

In reality, this picture is just another attempt to create chaos and fights between Hindu and Muslims.  The message talks about how Muslims are paying money to young boys for marrying non-Muslim girls and converting them to Islam.


Koena Mitra posted a picture where rate list for Muslims marrying girls of different religions was given. Muslims are giving upto 5 lakh rupees to a boy for marrying Hindu Brahmin Girl, 6 lakhs for a Punjabi Hindu girl and so on. She tweeted the pic and wrote-

New India woooaah @narendramodi @PMOIndia @rajnathsingh any action Sir ?


The real fact is that the message and rate list is completely fake and false. This is not the first time such a message has gone viral. As mentioned above the same message is circulating on social media, WhatsApp and fake news websites for so many years. As per Alt News, the image is a photoshopped one and a similar pic can be found on a provocative blog published on Feb 5, 2010. Have a look-


The purpose of the blog is quite clear and the fact that this old message is being circulated again and again on fake websites and newspapers tells everything.


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