Must-Watch Movies To Light Up Your Holi Celebrations; Check Now

Holi is not only a festival in India but an emotion. Bollywood movies are not far behind when it comes to celebrating Holi. From songs to vibrant scenes, many memorable Holi scenes unveil the colourful vibe Holi offers. Well, many Bollywood movies truly romanticized the festival, let’s have a quick look:

Ram Leela 

When it comes to the best Holi scene, who can forget the classic scene of Ramleela? Though Lahu Muh Lag Gaya had a sensual feel, it showcased the emotions of two lovers. The presentation of the scene was pleasing to the eyes and the song was popular. 


Do you still remember that expression Shah Rukh Khan gave in the movie Darr? In the Holi sequence, he wanted to apply colour to Kiran, played by Juhi Chawla. The expression he gave while playing the dhol was mind-blowing. The song Ang Se Ang Lagana still brings back many memories of that scene. In fact, both the song and scene might be fresh in your mind. 

Badri ki Dulhania 

When Alia playfully applies colour to Badri i.e. Varun Dhawan – the shot is sweet and fun. However, according to some fans, the sequence was over the top, but it will be remembered as the cutest Holi sequence in the film. Plus, who can forget the dance number played during Holi parties? 


Another Holi sequence fans still remember is the Holi sequence from the movie Raanjhanaa. When Sonam applies colour to Dhanush’s face, the shot is cute. For many fans, the scene was over the top but was the best one in recent times. 

Holi scenes and songs in the movies have a separate fan base. You can never forget the emotions portrayed by top actors. What is your favourite Holi scene or song? Do share with us.


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