My Father Is A Big Crier; Crying Should Be Normalized By Men : Says Aaliyah Kashyap

Aaliyah Kashyap, dropped a Father’s Day special video on her Youtube channel in which she is having a deep dive discussion with her father Anurag Kashyap, considered as a Bollywood Director with radical attitude both in life and work. In the video, Anurag and Aaliyah discussed some very uncomfortable questions about menstruation and the taboo attached to it, also about premarital sex, teenage pregnancy peer pressure and many more taboo issues. Aaliyah asked him about his opinion on premarital sex to which Anurag said,  ” We need to understand sexuality and sex and our own human body. We need to understand that first before we just jump into doing things out of peer pressure. Anything done out of peer pressure is not good. Do it because you want to do something because you feel ready for it”. When asked what if Aaliyah ends up with an unplanned pregnancy, Anurag Kashyap’s answer was, he would accept her choices in life, but tell her that there is a price to be paid for every decision.

The video began with Aaliyah asking Anurag about his reaction if he had found out that his daughter is a lesbian. In response to the question, Anurag shared a message for all parents. “I would say don’t be afraid of something that you don’t understand. Parents overreact because they fear”. Aaliyah spoke about how crying should be normalized for men. Calling Anurag a big crier, Aaliyah said she got her over-sensitive behaviour from her father. “He is the most sensitive person I have seen”.

One of the subscribers of Aaliyah’s YouTube Channel asked about Anurag’s opinion on menstruation. Addressing the taboo attached to the biological function of women’s body, Anurag Kashyap expressed his disgust and said, “Why would I have an opinion on periods? Men should not have any opinion on it because they don’t experience it. We need to normalize it. The amount of shame associated with it has pushed some parts of the country to deal with it quietly. That should not be the case.”

Aaliyah also asked her father if he likes her boyfriend Shane Gregoire. “I like him. I like your choice in boys generally. He’s very spiritual, very calm and has qualities that even men of 40 don’t have in terms of being there in difficult situations,” Adding to his opinion on girls hanging out with boys, Anurag replied, “I think a lot of these questions come from how parents react to their kids but the parents need to understand that the India they come from does not exist anymore. It’s in their head. We were much more repressed than our kids. They have more freedom to express themselves. So, I think we need to stop imposing ourselves”. A real treat from a bold daughter and father duo, Aaliyah and Anurag on Fathers’ Day it was.

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