‘My Life To End Like Vidya Balan In The Dirty Picture’: Rakhi Sawant Shares Her Fear Of Losing BF Adil

Television personality Rakhi Sawant is quite famous among the paparazzi. The drama queen of glamour world leaves no chance to engage audiences with her funny tactics, bold statements and shocking revelations. Every now and then, she gets spotted with her boyfriend, Adil Durrani. Fans love their pair and they often show it in the form of comments on paparazzi’s posts. Though Sawant and Durrani are very much in love, one thing that keeps haunting Rakhi is the fear of losing Adil.

In a recent interview, Rakhi talked about how the thought of breakup with Adil keeps her on toes and how she thinks her life would end. Opening up on the same, Rakhi stated, “Every day I live in fear that he would leave me and go. Sometimes I feel that my life would end just like Vidya Balan in the ‘Dirty Picture’ where everyone will use and go. I feel suffocated sometimes with this fear”

She further added “I know Adil wouldn’t leave me and go and he does love me but this fear is troubling me as I know I cannot stay without him and my life will be over if Adil is not in my life. The people around me also tell me things and “YES” at times it does affect me but from now I am going to trust him and won’t let this relationship fail.”

Earlier, it was reported that Adil’s family is against his alliance with Rakhi. The name of Dubai-based businessman’s ex-girlfriend also popped up in between which made Rakhi quite insecure about her relationship with Durrani. To adjust in Adil’s family, Rakhi is trying to change herself. She has already started wearing fully-covered clothes to impress her beau’s family.

On the work front, Rakhi Sawant featured on Bigg Boss 15 with ex-husband Riteish last year. Many speculations are rife that makers might bring her this season also as her presence improves ratings of the show by manifolds.