“My Wife Takes…”: Kapil Sharma Revealed A Shocking Secret About Ginni Chatrath 

Kapil Sharma is considered one of the best comedians of the present generation. With his sense of humor and perfect comic timing, he has managed to make the whole world laugh. Apart from being a comedian, Kapil Sharma is a responsible husband and father of two children. However, there was a time in 2017 when the comedy star was dealing with alcoholism and depression.

Kapil Sharma and Gini ChatrathWhile being drunk, he had once tweeted a controversial tweet regarding the bribe taken by BMC to build his office. Kapil Sharma had also targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his tweet. The comedian has now shared how his wife stops him from writing controversial things on social media when he is drunk.

Kapil Sharma recently came to India TV’s famous Aap Ki Adalat, where he shared his life story and some inside secrets of his wife, Ginni Chatrath. Hinting towards his drunk tweet to PM Narendra Modi and his wife’s way of managing him from doing the same mistake, he said:

“Everyday not after 10 o’clock, when sometimes it is 11:30 o’clock (while drinking), she takes my phone, she is intelligent, she knows that I will do something wrong.”

Changes After Becoming A Father 

Kapil Sharma with his family The ‘The Kapil Sharma show ‘ star also mentioned the changes he sees in himself after becoming a father. Earlier he used to post regularly on social media and express his opinions when even nobody was asking for it. According to Kapil, he had got a sense of responsibility after having two children. He also mentioned he doesn’t want his children to read inappropriate stuff about their father when they become adults. Speaking about the same, Sharma  said

“Now I do not post on social media..Yes, earlier I used to do like this, earlier I had the habit of interfering in everything. I used to comment on every issue. I expressed my opinions without anyone asking for them, sometimes you invite trouble for yourself. But now there is a lot of change in me, after two children, you get a sense of responsibility. After a few years, my kids will start reading what’s there on Twitter, they would think that our father is like this?”

On the workfront, Kapil Sharma will be next seen in the film ‘Zwigato’ releasing on 17th March, 2023. This film is directed by Nandita Das and it will show the harshness of life through the story of a delivery boy. Shahana Goswami has played the role of female protagonist in the movie.