Navina Bole Flaunts Her Pregnancy Glow In The ‘Surprise’ Pop-Up Baby Shower

Being a mother is certainly one of the happiest and the most satisfying feeling the world. Motherhood, as the saying goes, completes a woman and shows her how powerful she is in bringing a new life into the world. Only a woman can experience this feeling of power and it all begins with the good news of being pregnant.

Pregnancy changes your whole life. The mood swings, morning sickness and the growing baby bump might scare a few but the pregnancy glow cover up for all of this. Another perk of being pregnant is the baby shower that you get. A woman is showered with several gifts and blessings by her friends and family members during her baby shower and it is certainly an event that every pregnant lady looks forward yo before becoming a mother.

The TB actress Navina Bole is experiencing the same elation and happiness as her due date for delivery is coming closer. The actress, who became popular for playing the role of Tia in Ishqbaaz, got married to her then-fiancé and now-husband, Karran Jeet on January 22, 2017. The gorgeous couple met at the gym where they fell head over heels. Ever since then, they have been inseparable. At the beginning of 2019, Navina treated her fans with the ‘good news’ of their lives by posting New Year celebrations photos. Navina’s baby bump was quite evident in those pictures and she captioned her post as, “Brought in 2019 with a bang!! What a crazy night with all my favourite people in the world and the promise of a wonderful year ahead!! Cheers to great new beginnings! Happy new year lovelies.”

As the actress is expecting her first child, her husband Karran organized a surprise pop-up party for his pregnant wife, Navina and the actress looked stunning in a pink maternity gown. Her look was accentuated with her pregnancy glow and a super-cute baby bump.

She posted some beautiful pictures from the baby shower and wrote “#latepost #popupparty!! Thank you best hubby in the world for the amazing surprise and thank you to the most beautiful couple and pieces of my heart @anu2310 and @vchhadva for making me the happiest mom to be ever and giving me one of the best days ever!! Still can’t get over how mind blowing every detail was and how much it meant to me that all my lovelies were there to celebrate with me in welcoming the little one on its way!! Bliss indeed @ashwinivala @mitul.desai.125 @nandamanisha @neitu_kkithany @abi_dsilva1 @poonamanayak @abhinavabu @shubhigrover19 @pranz1983 @hasita_gandhi p.s the ones left out are the ones whose Insta handles I didn’t know! the gorgeous outfit is from my fav @shaybyanisha”.

Navina, we can’t wait to see a family picture of yours with the soon-to-arrive baby! How about you guys? Keep us posted!


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