Nawazuddin’s Estranged Wife Aaliya Writes An Open Letter For The Actor; Says, ‘Your Hired PR Faked News Of My Character Assassination’

Things have gone from bad to worse in Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s marriage with Aaliya. The lady asked for a separation and made headlines. Many claimed that Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife Aaliya doing it because she had an affair and many even said that she wanted to extract money. Now the wife came up with an open letter for estranged husband.

Along with the letter, Aaliya wrote, “To A STAR who boastingly thinks he is INVINCIBLE under his own created enigma of stardom but failed miserably as a human being. ( let alone being a husband or a dotting father.)” Aaliya’s letter read, “Every single thing or right I have sought in the family towards my own life’s existence and self respect…. & I have only “Well planted” mouthpieces having replied to me. Every time for the longest of my 10 years of my married life. You brother in particular or then other brothers… only faces changed. Your manager? Your hired PR machinery led fake news doing my character assassination – time n again? Or your hired legal councillors or wives of those very brothers and their notice.” Read her post below:

In an earlier interview with Pinkvilla, Aaliya spoke about actor’s extra-marital affairs and said when she was in labour, he was talking to girls on phone. Aaliya had stated, “When I was pregnant, I had to drive all by myself for check-ups. My doctor used to tell me that I’m mad and I’m the first lady who’s come alone for delivery. My labour pain started and Nawaz and his parents were there. But when I was in pain, my husband is not with me. He was talking to his girlfriend on calls. I knew everything because there used to be an itemised statement of phone bills.”

In a recent interview with Pinkvilla, Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife Aaliya opened up about what actually went wrong in their 10-year-long marriage. Aaliya rubbished all the claims of her doing all this for money. She said, “They are claiming I’m doing this for money. How much money? For Rs 2 crore, I would do this? If they claimed I did it for Rs 100 crore, people would still believe it. I’m Nawaz’s wife; why would I ask for money from Shamas?”

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