Neena Fails To Define ‘Happy Marriage’, She Says That She Advised Her Friend To Leave Her Husband

Actress Neena Gupta, who is married to chartered accountant Vivek Mehra, said she did not know how to define a “happy marriage.” She said that all the marriages she has seen are “full of commitment.”

Neena also recalled an incident in which she advised her friend to leave her marriage but encountered resistance. She said that she could not offer advice to other people on how to make their marriages successful.

Speaking in an interview about her definition of a ‘happy marriage’, Neena said, “I have not seen a happy marriage around me, so I don’t know. It’s always full of compromises. I don’t have an answer to this question myself. Each individual has to make their own choice, according to what they are looking for in life.”

“Like, I told my friend, ‘Yaar, tera husband aisa-aisa karta hai, chhod na usko (Look at what your husband is doing, why don’t you leave him)?’ She says, ‘Kyun chhodu (Why should I)? I will lose this and that. When we were nothing, then I helped…’ What she told me made sense to me. But each individual is different. So, I cannot tell you, ‘Aisa karna chahiye, agar aapki marriage aisi hai toh aisa karna chahiye (This is what you should do in your marriage)’,” she added. She also said that she does not know which marriage works nor can she give any advice on the matter.

Neena published her autobiography Sach Kahun Toh earlier this year. In the book, she talked about how her first marriage to Amlan Kusum Ghose lasted less than a year. She said  things didn’t work out between them because he expected her to finally settle down and focus on family, but she never saw herself as a “normal housewife.”


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