Neetu Kapoor’s Old Remark On Rishi Kapoor’s Affairs Receives Backlash On Social Media!

Amid the ongoing social media uproar over Neetu Kapoor’s most recent cryptic Instagram comment on weddings, an old interview excerpt of her is becoming immensely famous and viral across social media platforms. She seems to defend her late husband Rishi Kapoor’s alleged “affairs” and “flings” in the interview. The widely shared post has sparked disagreement and discussion among fans, casting doubt on Neetu’s opinion on infidelity.

Neetu is seen divulging details about her late husband Rishi Kapoor’s extramarital activities in an old newspaper article that has been posted on Reddit. Discussions regarding the Bollywood couple’s contentious past have been prompted by the separation. Read further to know what did she say.

Neetu Kapoor Caught Rishi Kapoor Having One-Night Stands and Affairs


A Reddit user shared Neetu’s old statement from a newspaper. In the statement, Neetu claimed in the interview that she frequently caught her husband Rishi Kapoor flirting. She continued by saying that she typically learned about his affairs when he was on location. She has witnessed him flirting several times. Also she always seems to be the first to find out about his troubles in public. However, she claimed that she was conscious that they were only one-night stands, though. “Two years ago, I used to argue with him about it, but these days I just say, “Go ahead, let’s see how long you can do it”, she said.

Neetu is Receiving Hate on Social Media for her Statement


After the Reddit post went viral, netizens got furious and are questioning Neetu’s support of her husband’s infidelity. Many individuals have criticised and denounced the well-known actress on Twitter for appearing to condone Rishi Kapoor’s relationships. Things are heating up on Reddit too. Some users commented that infidelity is in genes, taunting Ranbir Kapoor. One of the Reddit users said it is quite common for women to accept their husband’s affairs and relationships.

Some users supported Neetu on her statement but majority of them backlashed and trolled Neetu for spreadng wrong message to the society.



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