The Negative Ways Sugar Affects Your Skin

We all have sugar cravings but we often fail to notice the negative impact that it has in our body.
Being bad for the bones, it turns out that sugar is also bad for our skin. We all know how sugar has increased the chances of obesity in children and heart issues, we rarely think about how our skin is getting affected.
Find out what does sugar do to our body and what to do about it!

How does it affect?
We all know sugar is a part of our daily diet. Even if you’re sipping a cup of tea, you add one or two spoons of sugar in it. Sugar is found in fruits and cookies, almost every tempting thing that we can name of. So, sugar helps our body to break down carbohydrates into glucose. This results in increase of insulin levels. If you do not want your insulin level to strike, it is best to cut down your sugar intake. Consuming sugar leads to the production of enzymes that break down collagen and elastin, affecting your skin in various ways. Wrinkles, dullness and spots are some common affects.
Food to stay away from
Sugar has calories. Not only it will help you gain bad fat, but also ruin the smoothness of your skin. Avoid foods that are pro-inflammatory, high-glycemic, and high in saturated fats. Do not rush it up, but take it slow because your body is not used to it. Sugar is also important but in balance. Avoid white bread, sodas, packaged juices, candies, ice cream, etc. However, fruits, veggies, and milk are perfectly healthy.
Welcome fibrous foods
In order to keep the blood sugar level stabilized, increase the intake of food with healthy fats. Eat avocados, peanut butter. You can also rely on chicken and salmon instead of having something sweet. They have lean protein, and also gives you a younger looking skin. Eat daily a serving of antioxidant rich foods. You can add dry fruits to your diet and have tomatoes and berries in order to keep your skin glowing.
Health check-up

Go for a health check-up at least once in three months to know what is wrong with your body. Have the results show how much level of sugar is to be maintained. It is very important for woman over the age of 30 to get a health check-up.
Other affects
Sugar not only promotes wrinkling and aging skin but also make your blood acidic. It can lead to osteoporosis. Sugar can rot your teeth, and even lead to cavities. It raises your blood sugar level and contributes to obesity.


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