Neha Bhasin Writes An Open Letter To Trolls, Says, “You Encourage Me To Show The Nakedness”

One’s body is one’s own choice and no one should be allowed to comment on it in any form. Singer Neha Bhasin released a song Rehnde Rehnde recently which talked about cyber bullying, highlighting her experience on the same. This is a song that she has dedicated to her haters who made her go through hell. Now, Neha Bhasin shared an open letter in which she wrote about the death and rape threats she recived after the song released.

Her open letter read, “An open letter to those who hate me: Thank you

There is no sarcasm, not a tinge of anger as I write this. I am, on the contrary, grateful to every person, who has demeaned me, tried to “show me my place” or told me to “behave like a woman”. I have received rape threats, death threats, gory descriptions of what they will do to me if I don’t abide by the rules of society.” Further calling these trolls as nameless and faceless people those slammed her, has only encouraged her to touch the skies.

“And here’s the interesting part – ‘They’ are nameless, faceless people, who have decided to moral my life. Thank you, for trying to bury me down. You only encourage me to touch the skies. Thank you, for asking me to cover up, you only encouraged me to bare my heart open and show the nakedness of my soul.”

She also mentioned just like she counts her blessings showered on her by her followers, she also counts the unpleasant messages that come her way. “Being a celebrity, being followed by millions, being loved by even more is a blessing that I count on every day of my life. But, I also count the abuses, the curses, and the deaths that come my way. To the people who troll me – I read EVERY ONE OF YOU! I read the sadness and frustration that society has levied upon you and I am sorry that no one helped you. But I am also sorry, that I don’t give a rat’s ass about what you think of me.”

Adding further she mentions if they think this bullying will push her in a corner then she asks them to give up on that thought. “You think that you can ask me to hide in a corner as I pray to survive? That ain’t happening. You think you can send abuses and gory texts hiding behind your computer screen? Sure, but that ain’t changing a thing in my life. I am born to shine and I will do so without anyone telling me to ‘cover up’.”

Taking a dig at the people who believe in gender biases, she mentioned neither men nor women in the society have to prove their identity, “And it’s is not just me, it the men of the society too, who are at the receiving end. Who, at a young age starts hearing the phrase ‘Man Up!’. So, here’s my question to you all – How do you Man Up? How do you prove to society that you are a ‘man’. Let me help you with an answer – You don’t! You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone that you are a man, you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone that you are a woman who is worth the respect. You don’t have to essentially ‘identify’ as anything to be accepted and loved. We all deserve love and respect because that is what is called ‘human-ity’.”