First an arranged marriage and then this..agggh…feeling awkward already? We totally get it. It is so weird even when we think about it. What will be the first reaction, how will we manage it and outbrain starts flooding questions which we are scared of? So here are some tips that may help you to keep calm and focus:

Try to take it slow

Try to take it slow but still go with the flow. You got married to each other doesnt mean that you don’t have your comfort. You do not owe him/her sex on the first night so keep calm and do it when you are calm, ready and comfortable. These things take time.

Start with talking

It is better if you first try to know each other. It is obviously not easy to get intimate with some strange man even if he is your husband. Just and talk to each other about everything, it may be about your childhood or your worst fear or your fantasy. Talk about anything but just be comfortable.

Talk about babies

You surely would not want to be making babies too soon, perhaps. So, before you get the boat floating, it’s best to have a talk about family planning (if you haven’t already) and use precaution and pills accordingly. Do consult your gynae for the same.

A setting so romantic

Sometimes, the right setting can make all the difference. Dim lighting, romantic music, an inviting fragrance… It will only help you both relax and have an uninhibited night ahead.

Indulge in foreplay

Foreplay can take your sex game from good to ‘Oooh my God’! Touch him where he likes it the most, give him long loving kisses and gently caress each other. Foreplay is important to arouse the body and mind for sex (and lubrication!)…which in turn, results in more pleasure!

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