It is not the first time that Karan Johar’s Student Of The Year 2 star Ananya Panday’s cousin, Alanna has been trolled on social media. The new sensation of Bollywood often gets on the hand of trollers on social media. Netizens Mercilessly Trolls Ananya Panday’s Cousin Alanna.

Being a celebrated character has both-advantages and disadvantages. Famous people appreciate popularity and enormous love of their fans, yet they are likewise no aliens to trolling and are quite often at the less than desirable finish of abhor remarks, online maltreatment, dangers, and substantially more. Ananya Panday’s cousin Alanna Panday had enough of these frightful remarks, and she hit back at them just as those body-disgracing her. She uncovered that a lady said she has the right to be assaulted on the grounds that she posted an image in a swimsuit, and furthermore shared screen captures of a couple of remarks.

In the latest post on Instagram that Alanna shared, she spoke up against the hatred and nasty comments she gets online. Her post could be read as, “I’ve had a women comment on my post saying I deserve to be gang raped because I posted a picture in a bikini. She then tagged my mother and father in the comment to make sure that they saw it too. I wish I had a screenshot but I was so shaken when I saw it I blocked her immediately and Instagram deleted the comment.” She further added, “When I went to her profile to block her I saw that she was married and had a daughter a little younger than me. I don’t understand how you can wish that upon someone else’s child.”

In the same post, she included the meanest comments she got. She even shared a picture of herself in bikini and wrote, “Stop body shaming women. I have to wake up everyday and read the nastiest comments, comments from people that don’t know me as human. What’s worse that waking up to hateful comments about my body everyday, is that it comes from other women. The next time you decide to channel your anger towards someone you don’t know on Instagram, stop and rethink. The world could use more love and less a**holes right now.” We couldn’t agree more! Read her entire caption and posts below:

Well, being famous is too hard sometimes. Netizens Mercilessly Trolls Ananya Panday’s Cousin Alanna.