New Norms Of Travelling In Covid; Check Out More!

 This is new normal! We have our days when we plan the trip, family get-togethers, and much more but in Today’s world, the invisible enemy has ruined our world in every possible aspect physically, socially, or emotionally.

With the whole world under lockdown, and with increasingly strict restrictions coming into existence across India, which is loosen up this July but people are still speculating about the health scare traveling might cause them, however many are still curious if they can make their travel plans or anything that could be hoping to look forward to.


The travel agency is coming up with new plans and packages which are Covid insured as well as pocket friendly with the assurance of fun with safety, however, people are still but very sure of safety in traveling in Corona time urge of exploring somewhere and something new generates in our mind each time we plan our trip and leave our cozy houses.

Although traveling might not be as safe as it used to be earlier planning with fully vaccinated and taking Covid necessary precautions one can plan their travel to the places where the cases are not that much higher or are in control.

The other suggestion would be to be ensured of you and your co-traveler health condition before traveling to the new destination. Conditions such as pregnancy, diabetes hypertension might not be advisable to travel without any proper medical guidance.

The best advice would be in this time is not cancel your trip but to postpone it until the things are in much control so keep your hopes alive days are not far when we will be traveling again-from tasting local food, places and much more. Although it is hard to imagine the best at this time but keeping a positive outlook would certainly going to happen soon.

Happy Travelling!!!

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