Nidhi Agerwal, who started her Bollywood career with the movie Munna Michael, is receiving a lot of fame nowadays post her debut. She has been in the news for stunning looks and has gained a lot of fan following. However, she recently posted a picture on her Instagram page that received a lot of nasty and vulgar comments.

Trolling, shaming, bullying, and slamming have come to show the ugliest face of social media. While people consider it a boon for bringing them closer to the distant friends and family, this side of you being exposed to everyone’s sight and their nasty thoughts are making it more of a bane than a boon.

The picture that Nidhi Agerwal posted on which she received so much backlash can be seen below. While we are appreciative of the fact that social media helps the fans get close to their idolized stars, this type of shaming and vulgarity is something is highly condemned. These people are none other than those cheapsters who cannot do anything good in their life and end up criticizing or commenting on other people’s posts or pictures.

Nidhi was contacted by an entertainment portal to comment on the reactions that she has received on her pic. She slammed all of them with a single sentence. She said, “I am too thick-skinned. I really don’t care. Too much love.”