Nightmares Or Sex Dreams?: Your Sleep Positions Will Decide That; Check Out Here!

Do you often wake up scared in your sleep? Have you ever sweated because of nightmares? After waking up for a while, you still don’t realize that you are in reality. Did that happen to you? Who doesn’t like to dream? If that dream becomes a nightmare we fear it a lot and wake up with bad thoughts. It takes a long time to get back to consciousness.

Experts say that all day long fatigue and thinking have an effect on us, which is reflected in nightmares in sleep. You will always dream of happiness, it is not like that. There is no way to get rid of nightmares.

However, researchers at Harvard University say that there are some approaches that can reduce your nightmares. Firstly you have to understand whether this is happening out of any anxiety or not. If this is the case then maybe we need to find a way to get rid of the anxiety.

In many cases, this can happen even if the dose of a particular drug is increased. In that case, the dose of the drug should be reduced.

Do you know if you have nightmares depending on how you sleep? Several studies have shown that people who have nightmares on a regular basis are more likely to benefit from changing their sleep patterns.

Researchers claim that sleeping on the back leads to nightmares. People who sleep this way can’t even remember what they are dreaming about. Those who sleep on the right side are more likely to have good dreams. They do not suffer from insecurity.

Meanwhile, those who sleep on the left side suffer from extreme insecurity. According to researchers, if you sleep with a mass on your stomach, you will have more sexual dreams.


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