No More Uninvited Guest; Home Remedies To Get Away With Irregular Periods

Imagine yourself attending a party. Hundreds of people are there and you are well-dressed in a pastel-shaded gown. Everyone is ogling at you, simply because you look damn gorgeous. Suddenly that uninvited guest comes..You feel the pain and someone near you spots the red stain in your long beautiful gown.

What said above is not something new for women out there. Especially, in a society where menses is still taboo, an unexpected blood drop behind your back gives so much tension. An irregular period can destroy your mental peace and ruin the beauty of your most memorable moments.

It was learnt that during the COVID-19 pandemic, women in India faced more irregular gaps in their menstrual cycle than ever. The study conducted as part of the 6th annual Menstrual Hygiene Survey had 5000 women as its participants. All of them aged between 18 to 35 years. It showed that around 41% of women experienced an unusually irregular gap in their periods.

What causes irregular periods and gap?

The study revealed that the gap and irregularity happened because of stress and social anxiety. An entirely different lifestyle with the arrival of lockdown and work from home mode has also contributed to the increased irregularity. The most surprising fact is that women did nothing to address their irregularity in their menstrual cycle.

Only a small per cent of women discussed irregularity of periods with their friends or family. And only a very few consulted a doctor. As regular periods is considered a sign of a healthy body, irregular periods is indeed a sign of an unhealthy body or even a mind. ‘Missing’ or an ‘uninvited’ period is sometimes an indicator of a more serious health issue than you think.

Here are some home remedies for irregular periods. Take a look at them:

Work Out: Yoga or any other workout will help you get rid of an irregular period. When you stretch your body parts, the unwanted fat and cholesterol that blocks the free flow of blood will burn. This will increase your metabolism and promote a healthy body. It can also help with cramps and regulate hormones.

Ginger: Ginger is not something unfamiliar in Indian kitchens. Go to your kitchen, get ginger. Grind it and take in the paste often. This is one of the best medicines to tackle irregular periods.

Apple cider vinegar: Irregular periods can be easily resolved with the regular consumption of apple cider vinegar. But keep in mind not to take it in excessively as it would yield a negative result.

Turmeric: Turmeric or Haldi regulates the body hormones. It prevents the hormonal imbalance which causes period irregularities. It can be either mixed with water or milk and can be consumed.

Saying no to fried and oily food can also help you get regular periods. If you find the problem unresolved still after practising all these remedies, consult a doctor and start medication. Health is wealth and you shouldn’t ever risk it. Happy regular period!

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