Non-Sexual Advice That Couples Should Consider More Often; Read On Here To Know!!!

Relationships are much more than just sex. It’s a display of emotions, attention, and, most importantly, love. What’s more, the presence of someone who unconditionally loves you feels far better than sexual pleasure in bed. Intimacy has several layers, but the one that is bonded by emotional connection is forever. As a result, thinking about emotions, love, and not just sex is sometimes the best thing one can do. As a result, here are some non-sexual tips to consider.

Hold hands:

This isn’t PDA, but rather a simple and intimate act that might elicit sentiments of connection. It’s not overly flashy, but it’s really endearing because holding hands gives the idea that you’re in love. It is not too showy but very lovable because holding hands gives an impression that your partner wants to be seen with you and that’s a good sign.


This cannot be overstated because communication is the lifeblood of all relationships. You must speak with your partner in such a way that there is no room for ambiguity or misunderstanding.

Express your Emotions:

Keeping your emotions to yourself will not allow your lover to realise how much you adore them. You must inform them. Show your lover how much you care for them through your actions and words. Help them whenever they need it or offer words of encouragement when they are down.

Show your appreciation:

Couples frequently fail to express their appreciation for one another when they should. Taking each other for granted can lead to further conflicts and greater damage to the relationship. A simple ‘thank you’ or expression of appreciation will not make you appear inferior.

Indulge in activities together:

Practice performing activities together so that you and your partner may spend more time together. It is a healthy way of reconnecting with your relationship if you have both lost touch. To build intimacy, you and your partner can engage in mutual interests or binge-watch a favourite show.

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