Nora Fatehi Finally Speaks Up On Her Break-Up With Angad Bedi

Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia surprised everyone when the posted pictures from their wedding. No one knew about their wedding expect their family and friends and Neha Dhupia shocked everyone after days of Sonam Kapoor’s wedding by posting the pictures where she was seen tying the knot with her best friend Angad Bedi in a traditional Gurudwara style wedding. However, before the wedding took place, Angad Bedi was seen with the Dilbar star Nora Fatehi and the two were apparently very close. So what happened the two was a mystery until Nora decided to open up about her breakup with Angad Bedi.

The difference between Angad and Nora started growing with Bedi’s growing fondness towards Neha Dhupia. Previously there was a buzz of Nora giving cold gestures to Neha Dhupia in an event last year. When the media asked Nora about it, she shrugged it off by saying ‘Who is Angad? I don’t even know who Angad Bedi is.’ The duo broke up in the starting of 2018 because of Angad’s growing affection for Neha.

Nora said to a leading daily “I really don’t care about his closeness towards Neha and it doesn’t bother me as I have got better things to worry about.”

But now, she has finally decided to speak her mind out and say what led to her breakup. She said, ‘ All girls at least go through it once in their life! For me, it was a little bit difficult because it was an unexpected experience and I was broken by it. I lost my pace for 2 months! However, I must say that experience really just transformed me. In between, I had lost hope for a while in terms of perusing my career but when that breakup happened I got that fire again and I was like let’s go!”

Nora is doing great and on the recovering path “I am passionate again, I want to work, I want to make my mark, I want to prove everybody wrong and I can’t regret that break up because if it wasn’t for that breakup, my fire wouldn’t have come back and I needed that fire to kind of just explore myself.”


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