Not Saif Ali Khan, This Actor Was The First Choice Of OM Raut For Raavan’s Character: Checkout Who!

People had great expectations for ‘Adipurush’ when it was reported that it will star Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, and Saif Ali Khan. While ‘Adipurush’ is being chastised for its provocative language and inaccurate portrayal of the Ramayana, people are also unhappy with Saif Ali Khan’s portrayal as Ravana, the King of Lanka. But today we’re going to tell you something that will take you by surprise. Actually, Om Raut’s original choice for the character of ‘Lankesh’ was a Bollywood superstar, not Saif Ali Khan. Who wants to know?

Saif Ali Khan Was not First choice of Director as Raavan

People have been outraged by Saif Ali Khan’s portrayal of ‘Raavan’ since the film’s first trailer was released. Ravana was thought to be a scholar, and Saif Ali Khan did not match the bill. But did you know that Om Raut’s first choice for the role of Dashanan was not Saif Ali Khan? Before casting Saif Ali Khan as Ravana in Adipurush, the role was given to another Bollywood actor, who declined.

Ajay Devgan Was First Choice of Om Raut For Raavan’s Character

Om Raut cast Ajay Devgan, who played the protagonist character in ‘Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior’, in the role. The producers of ‘Adipurush’ approached Ajay Devgn about playing Ravana in the film, but he declined. According to rumours, Ajay Devgn turned down the part of Ravana in ‘Adipurush’ due to his busy schedule. Ajay Devgan previously collaborated with Om Raut in ‘Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior’. The film was also nominated for a National Film Award at the 68th National Film Awards.

Social Media Users believes Ajay Devgan Would be Perfect for Raavan Role

Now, Many social media users believe that Ajay Devgan would have been great for the character of Ravana in ‘Adipurush’. However, Ajay Devgan’s decision was thought to be very positive for his career, as the film ‘Adipurush’ has been the subject of protests since its release due to poor CGI, VFX, and dialogue. The ‘Adipurush’ cast is embroiled in controversy due to the Ramayana characters and contentious conversations. Many cases have been filed against the cast of the film, yet Ajay Devgan has evaded all of these troubles.