Nusrat Jahan Shares Her Son’s Picture With Yashdas Gupta, Yeshaan Seen Holding Father’s Finger

Trinamool Congress MP and Bengali actress Nusrat Jahan are very active on social media. She often shares pictures with actor Yashdas Gupta and her son Yeshaan on social media. Recently, Nusrat Jahan shared a story on her Instagram, which features Yashdas Gupta and little Yeshaan. Nusrat Jahan gave birth to her son Yeshaan in August and on the occasion of Diwali, she made her relationship official with Bengali actor Yashdas Gupta.

Yeshaan’s face was not visible in the picture shared by Nusrat on social media, but a slight face of Yashdas Gupta is visible in this picture. Nusrat’s son Yeshaan has lovingly held his father’s finger. Sharing this picture, Nusrat Jahan wrote on social media, ‘Thank you always’. This picture put by Nusrat is becoming very viral on social media.

Nusrat Jahan and Yashdas Gupta

Nusrat Jahan’s name was associated with Bengali actor Yashdas Gupta for a long time. The news of their affair was constantly in the media. When Nusrat Jahan was about to become a mother, even during that time only Yashdas Gupta was present with her in the hospital. Not only this, Yashdas Gupta’s name was written in the father’s column on the birth certificate of the child.

This issue escalated when Nusrat became pregnant amid their marriage dispute. Nusrat Jahan shared many pictures of her pregnancy on her social media. Responding to Nusrat Jahan’s pregnancy, Nikhil had said that since December last year, Nusrat has been living separately from her parents’ house, so he does not know whose child it is. Let me tell you that Nusrat gave birth to a son in August this year. Nusrat told the fans in gestures that she has married Yash Das Gupta.

Nusrat Jahan and Yashdas Gupta

Nusrat Jahan was constantly in the news for her relationship with Bengali actor Yashdas Gupta, along with the controversy surrounding her marriage to Nikhil Jain. Nusrat Jahan made her relationship official with Yashdas Gupta on the special occasion of Diwali. Nusrat shared the first picture with husband Yash and son Yeshaan on the occasion of Diwali. These pictures of the actress became very viral on social media. For the first time after separating from Nikhil Jain, vermilion was seen in Nusrat’s hairline.

Nusrat Jahan had put forth her point while talking to the media channel on the controversy over her marriage with Nikhil Jain. Nusrat had said, ‘I have nothing to tell him, he has neither paid my hotel bills nor has taken my wedding expenses. My image is depicted from the wrong side, so I am clearing all these things now. I am completely honest’. Taking forward her point, Nusrat Jahan said that it is very easy to blame others for their things, but she did not do it at all.