We live in the era of mobile gadgets. Any self-respecting modern site has been adapted for mobile devices with different display format, resolution and aspect ratio. Indeed many companies prefer to create separate applications so that users don’t have to use the desktop sites on a smaller screen.

During 2020-2021, for well-known reasons, online communication has become especially busy. Apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and others like them have been installed in almost every modern smartphone. But what about chat roulettes and similar services? After all, not all of them have designed their own apps, and even mobile versions of websites do not always work well.

A few words about the Omegle mobile version

Omegle has no branded app. There are mobile options available from third party developers, but you should only use them at your own risk. As for the mobile browser version of the site, it’s quite usable. The page adapts to the screen size of the device and you can chat with strangers using the front camera of your smartphone.

Unfortunately, the main disadvantages of Omegle persist in the mobile version: 

  • poor quality moderation
  • inflexible search options
  • same outdated design as desktop version

Can I use Omegle from an Android or iOS smartphone? Yes. Is it convenient? Not really.

Apps like Omegle

If you want to access more functions and find it more convenient to use video chat via your smartphone, we recommend considering the following options:

  1. Chatrandom
  2. OmegleAlternative
  3. OmeTV
  4. Chatspin
  5. Camsurf
  6. Bermuda
  7. LivU
  8. Tumile

Let’s look at each of these video chats in detail:


To start with, this video chat service has official iOS and Android apps. As in the desktop version, here you can choose the gender and location of users, visit themed chat rooms, chat with four people at once using Cam4, or access gay chat. In addition, the application has over thirty filters with different effects that can be applied to your video.


This is rightfully one of the best Omegle alternatives, with a mobile version for those who want to chat with girls. The site guarantees users complete anonymity and confidentiality. And all the girls on https://omeglealternative.com go through an account confirmation process, which excludes fakes, bots and advertising broadcasts.


Like Chatrandom, OmeTV has its own apps for iOS and Android. Here you can select the gender and country of chat partners to search for and chat with in the same way as in the desktop version. According to the developers of OmeTV, more than 10 million people use their applications on smartphones and tablets.


Functionally, Chatspin is very similar to Chatrandom, and has apps for iOS and Android. The user can specify gender and country to search for a partner, and switch to the next person with a simple swipe across the screen. In addition, you can apply filters to videos and various face masks. It’s perfect for those who want to vary their communication a little and show their creativity.


Another popular chat application for iOS and Android. There’s no gender filter here, but you can filter your search by language and geolocation. Overall, this is a good alternative to Omegle. However, recently have complained frequently about the abundance of exhibitionists and poor moderation, so using Camsurf can be stressful for many people.


Unlike the services mentioned above, Bermuda video chat does not have a desktop version at all — IOS and Android apps only. But this did not stop this chat roulette from becoming very popular. In just three years, the Android app has been installed over 10 million times. In it you can select the gender and region of your chat partner, as well as using filters and masks. But the main feature is real-time speech translation. Yes, you can chat with people from other countries without even knowing their language.


This is another popular video chat service only available for smartphones and tablets. It supports many filters, masks and stickers for videos, and it allows you to add interesting chat partners to your contacts and save your chat history.


A relatively new video chat app or Android smartphones, but already quite popular — more than 10 million downloads on Google Play. Filters for videos, masks and stickers are available to users. Functionally, Tumile is more like a dating application than a classic chat roulette. Here you can add people to your friends list, and chat directly via text or video. You can register directly through your Facebook profile or by email.

Why mobile app Omegle alternatives are the future

Over the past two years, the mobile user base around the world has increased by 24%, and continues to grow. Meanwhile the number of users of desktop computers and laptops decreased by 3%. The coronavirus pandemic slightly weighted the scales in the opposite direction, but this is only a temporary phenomenon.

It’s much more convenient to communicate from a smartphone, as you’re not tied to one location. Plus the speed of modern mobile Internet is more than enough for HD video chat. For someone the phone screen size might not be enough for comfortable communication, but you can now talk to new people from almost anywhere in the world where there’s Internet. And with the introduction of new generation 5G high-speed networks, this trend will only grow.

Not surprisingly, most video chat services already offer mobile versions of their sites, and official apps. The rest will inevitably join them soon. Even Omegle, which doesn’t move very fast in this area.

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