Oops! Ranveer Singh Shares Maldives Pic While Promoting Lakshadweep Islands

Bollywood heartthrob Ranveer Singh is known for his infectious energy and quirky antics. But sometimes, even the best of us make mistakes, and Ranveer’s latest social media faux pas is proof!

Ranveer singh makes a blunder while talking on maldives contraversy
Ranveer Singh makes a blunder while talking on Maldives controversy

Ranveer Singh Makes Maldives Mix-Up While Promoting Lakshadweep Islands

In a recent attempt to promote tourism in the beautiful Lakshadweep Islands, Ranveer shared a stunning picture on his X account. However, there was just one tiny problem: the picture wasn’t of Lakshadweep at all but of the equally stunning Maldives!

Eagle-eyed fans quickly spotted the error and the post went viral like wildfire. Social media was abuzz with hilarious reactions, with many poking fun at Ranveer’s geographical gaffe. Some even joked that he might be planning a secret vacation to the Maldives!


Ranveer singh's post blunder
Ranveer Singh’s post blunder

Ranveer Singh finally realizes his mistake: Look what he says on this –

To his credit, Ranveer owned up to his mistake quickly. He deleted the original post and shared a new one, this time with the correct picture of Lakshadweep. He also added a cheeky caption, apologizing for the mix-up and urging his followers to explore the breathtaking beauty of Lakshadweep in 2024.

“Oops! Looks like I got a little island-hopping in my head,” Ranveer wrote. “My bad, guys! But seriously, check out the stunning Lakshadweep Islands. They’re calling your name!”

Ranveer’s Maldives mix-up may have been a blunder, but it certainly generated a lot of buzz and brought attention to the Lakshadweep Islands. And hey, it gave us all a good laugh!

This incident also highlights the importance of accuracy and research when promoting tourism or any other cause. With the power of social media, even the smallest mistake can be amplified and go viral. So, it’s always best to double-check your facts before hitting that post button!

Celebrities Rally Behind PM Modi Amid Lakshadweep Visit Controversy

PM modi's lakshadweep visit controversy
PM modi’s lakshadweep visit controversy

Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep, political figures in the Maldives made critical remarks, sparking a wave of support for the Prime Minister from Indian celebrities.

Bollywood Takes a Stand

Leading Bollywood actors like Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, John Abraham, and Shraddha Kapoor took to social media to express their support for PM Modi and the beauty of Lakshadweep.

Akshay Kumar: In a strong message, Kumar condemned the discriminatory comments against Indians and urged people to prioritize domestic tourism. He shared screenshots of the offending remarks and stated, “It’s surprising that they would behave this way in a country that sends huge numbers of tourists.”

Salman Khan: The superstar shared a picture of PM Modi on the pristine beaches of Lakshadweep, praising the island’s stunning scenery. His simple yet impactful post garnered immense support, showcasing national pride.

John Abraham: Known for his love for adventure and breathtaking visuals, Abraham shared captivating pictures of Lakshadweep’s beaches, highlighting the island’s natural beauty with the caption, “Lakshadweep is the place to be.”

Shraddha Kapoor: Following suit, Kapoor posted a picture of herself enjoying the island’s turquoise waters, further promoting Lakshadweep as a desirable tourist destination.

Beyond Bollywood: Sachin Tendulkar’s Patriotic Message

The legendary cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar, also joined the chorus of support. He shared a video of himself playing cricket on a picturesque beach, emphasizing India’s diverse and stunning coastal landscapes. Tendulkar’s message resonated with the “Atithi Devo Bhava” philosophy, promoting respect for guests and showcasing India’s welcoming spirit.


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