OPINION: Shahid Kapoor gets trolled AGAIN! But is it justified?

We have the tendency to react to each and everything that happens in our surroundings. Sure, that’s not a problem, the problem is when we start reacting to things that probably don’t affect us in either way. A very certain example came up from the Bollywood industry when then Bachelor Shahid Kapoor married Mira.

Mira gave every other girl a reason to be jealous of her, for obviously, she was Shahid Kapoor’s wife. Shahid and Mira have a big age difference of 13 years. But I don’t think this the age matters when it comes to love, does it?

People from all over started shaming the actor for this. Social media kept trolling him for marrying a girl of such a young age. He was given names like ‘cradle-snatcher’. When Mira got pregnant, Shahid was slammed yet again for not giving Mira enough time to set up her own life and career. **As if it was their own household matter**

But do people really need to do this? If the actor married someone of a young age, it was his wish. If a couple gets pregnant just after marriage, it’s their decision and not ours. Recently Shahid made a statement that “At the age of 18, I had no idea that I will be married to a girl who was five years old when I was 18. I guess that’s the naughtiest thing I have done.”

This didn’t go well with a lot of netizens and they trolled the actor mercilessly.


But are these trolls justified? He just spoke something about his marriage and who are we to get offended by that? His statement doesn’t insults his wife and neither demeans any woman. He probably just said it in a humorous way! It is certainly possible that he didn’t say it with such a bad intention. Maybe he just meant it in some other way. And most of all, if his wife, Mira didn’t get upset on this statement of his, who are we get offended by this? Their marriage happened with a mutual consent. It wasn’t a forced marriage. Moreover, he just laughed off about his own marriage, not on someone else’s. So, what’s the big deal, bruh?

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