Osho’s Disciple, Who Spent 39 Months In Jail, Gave This Advice To Priyanka-Alia, For Her Biographical Film.

Mother Anand Sheela, who has been in jail for 39 months for believing Osho to be a God and found guilty of conspiracy to murder him, has advised Priyanka Chopra and Alia Bhatt. Actually, it is being told that two biopics of mother Anand Sheela are being made. There are unconfirmed reports that Priyanka Chopra will play mother Anand Sheela in one and Alia Bhatt in the other. It is also being said that a film is being made on the biography of mother Anand Sheela aka Sheela Birnsteel. Priyanka Chopra will play her character in the film and Alia Bhatt will be seen as on-screen mother Anand Sheela in the show.

Anand Sheela

Sheila Birnsteel, popularly known as mother Anand Sheela, recently spoke candidly about Priyanka Chopra and Alia Bhatt. She said in one of her interviews, “Sometimes I laugh at the news that biopics are being made on me. If the biopic is made, Alia and Priyanka will have to dig deeper into my character. They have to stay away from scams and find my character from deep within. I don’t know if they can do this?”


Let me tell you that sometime back, mother Anand Sheela also sent a legal notice to actress Priyanka Chopra for trying to illegally bring her life on the big screen. Sheela said that I told Priyanka that I do not allow her to do the film. Because I didn’t choose them… She said, “We send legal notices in Switzerland very easily. I sent an email to Priyanka which is legally accepted there”.

Priyanka Chopra

Mother Anand Sheela had said that she likes Alia Bhatt more than Priyanka Chopra. She had said, “I saw a film which my sister was watching. Watching this film, I thought when I was younger I looked exactly like Alia. I also asked my sister if  Alia looked like when I was little. She also said ‘yes.”

Alia Bhatt

Sheela said about Alia, “I think she has the courage that I had in me. It is such courage, which is not cosmetic, but it is real. Let me tell you that mother Anand Sheela was the main assistant of Osho. She was his closest disciple, who ran the Rajneeshpuram Ashram in Oregon, USA. She was later sentenced to 20 years for the conspiracy to kill Osho, in which she spent only 39 months in jail. Recently, through the documentary Wild Wild Country, which came on Netflix, Sheila once again grabbed the most attention. The film portrays the role of mother Anand Sheela in Osho’s life.

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