OTT Platforms: An Uprising Threat To The Digital World

OTT platforms also known as Over-the-top media services. OTT  platforms are the platforms that are providing media services directly to the customers via the Internet. These platforms are subscription-based forums that give an individual access to all sorts of content. They are not controlled by satellites or cable connections but are a no-carrier distribution through cellphones. It has made the availability of content viewing so easy as a result of which it is upsurging the threat of digital piracy. In today`s time, multiple OTT platforms have come into existence such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Alt Balaji, Zee 5, Disney+hotstar, SonyLiv, Telegram, etc.

It has been observed that the use of these OTT platforms began profusely when the first wave of pandemic hit, which resulted in a strict lockdown causing all the theatres to be shut down in order to curb the situation, which led to a rise in digital piracy. Digital piracy had made the original creators of the media lose a gigantic sum by what they make through genuine presentations.  OTT platforms are a gift of technological advancements and studies reveal that it has led to an increase in digital piracy since one needs to share their credential details for subscribing to it.

If people who don`t want to sign up for a subscription are opting for illegal means to watch free content. Even though the information about digital piracy has been explicit enough, they are looking for stingy ways up the internet. The problem seems to be accelerated during the second wave of pandemic since people have made it a convenient way of finding what they want to watch by sitting at home on their cellphones. Many platforms require credential sharing, some allow sharing of files being bought over by illegal means. This is how the current and original creators are being plundered over in recent times.

Aforesaid, that the OTT platforms have ushered towards the uprising of digital piracy, it is an extremely difficult task to quantify the amounts that the creators are being robbed over. But it is definitely up to five times they make through theatre displays or any other legal ways. The profuse use of  OTT platforms is making the senior authorities prudent towards the future of cinema. This technological advancement has made people easily disseminate the content into which the efforts of multiple people are being put.

Stats from the first wave of pandemic till today are gradually shooting up which is also leading to an unimaginable rise in digital piracy as well. Since India has the highest content consumption rate, it leads to a considerable rise in digital piracy, which is also having adverse effects on the economy of our country. And not just in India, digital piracy has expedited in other countries as well, which indicates how easy it has become to view all sorts of content and people are finding it extremely comfortable in doing it as well. Digital piracy encroaches into the digital safety of media and entertainment, making them lose billions due to illegal downloading and circulation.

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