‘Our Queen Is Back’; Tina Datta’s Fans Are Happy As She Makes Comeback With This TV Show After Years!

Tina Datta, who spreads her style magic in Bigg Boss 16, has been staying away from TV for the past few years. Except for a few shows, she is nowhere to be seen. Even in Bigg Boss, the discussion is about the love perspective. This event connected her name with Shalin Bhanot, bringing news of her closeness to Gautam Vig. Now the desire to go out seems comfortable to others.

Tina Datta-Jai Bhanushali New TV Show

Tina Datta is going to be popular on TV again. Her and Jay Bhanushali’s show Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum is coming soon to Sony Entertainment Television. The series will see the pairing of Jai and Tina for the first time. This couple has never appeared on screen before. It will first air on April 10 as a family drama.In the past, fans of the two people have expressed their admiration for the appearance of the two people. Seeing Tina Datta’s comeback on TV screen her fans are overwhelmed . Many of her fans shows their love for Tina on social media saying our queen is back.

The Show’s story will be like this

As part of the promotion of the series, it was revealed that Kita Ghidwani will play Jai’s mother’s character who will a big problem in Jai and Tina’s love story. In the promo, Jai is shown as a member of a wealthy Indian family that strictly adheres to “parampara” (tradition) and expects their children to also stay away from change.

Jay meets and falls in love with a happy girl who drives a bus and loves street food. Her love for him means a change in “old traditions”, but how will her mother react to this change?


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