“At Pachouli, Each Guest is Special. Our range of premium services give complete cure and wellness journey.”

Ms Preeti Sethi, Founder and Mentor, Pachouli Wellness Clinic
Ms Preeti Sethi, Founder and Mentor, Pachouli Wellness Clinic

It’s a New Era of wellness with 2021. I generally review WELLNESS RETREATS but Lockdown and restricted travel made me discover nearby Pachouli Wellness Clinic founded by Ms. Preeti Seth in 2010. After my Signature Treatment, I vouch by the clinic ambience, therapies, cost effective treatments, personalized, flawless and user-friendly services by a solid team of Expert Doctors, Therapists, Trichologists, Dermatologists and Physiotherapists. The Brand operates  in New Delhi – Rajendra Place, Punjabi Bagh and Shivalik,  Noida, Model Town & Lajpat Nagar.  

Says Preeti Seth, “Pachouli is a complete mind, body and soul balancing destination. We offer an extensive range of therapies & treatments specialising in Slimming, Skin, Hair, Laser and Ayurveda services with holistic approach that blends ancient eastern knowledge with the best of modern technology.”

Ayurveda Therapies– Includes therapies and massages like Shiro-Abhyanga, Greevasti, Marma-Vital Points massage, Januvasti, .Hridavasti, Padabhyanga, Kheer Massage, Meruvastui, Pizzichill for Nerve & Spine Care, Kati Vasti for Spine Care, Januvasthi for  Knee Care,  Kizzi (Pinda Sweda), Potli Massage using heated herbal pouches, Shila Massage ( Hot Stone therapy), Panchkarma (purification therapy), Abhyangam, Shirodhara and Elakizhi, Vamana, Virechana, Vasti, Nasya, and Raktamoksham are used as per the body constitution and others.

International Massage Therapies– It includes Thai Therapy, Shiatsu Therapy, Balinese Therapy, Deep Renewal Therapy, Aroma Fusion Therapy, Acupressure Therapy, Pachouli Intuitive Therapy, Hands & Foot Reflexology. 

Hair Treatments– Includes treatments with zero side-effect, most reliable & quickest hair restoration therapies like Hair Mesotherapy, Hair/RF, Stem Cells, Pachouli Kera Treatment,  Dandruff Treatment, Hair Ayurvedic Therapy (Khichdi),  Ozone Hair Treatment, Hair PRP (platelet Rich Plasma method FDA (US) approved.)

 Slimming- Intensive medically researched Weight Management Programme to improve or reverse ailments like PCOS, Hypertension, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Hypothyroidism etc. Includes therapies like  Ultherapy, Body shaping Cool Sculpting and others.

Skin treatments– Includes both invasive treatments like Derma Fillers, Botox, Glutathione, Thread Lift, Meso Therapy, S-MASS (V – Shape), HIFU, Derma Fillers, Skin Boost Therapy, PRP,  Microneeding, RF  PRP Platelet Rich Plasma, and NON INVASIVE treatments like  Oxyget, IPL Laser/ Photo Facial, Derma Roller ( Collagen Induced Therapy), Peels, IPL Skin Rejuvenation, Advanced Skin Light/ Pigmentation Treatment and many more.

Sooth your senses, calm your nerves as I  recommend a visit to Pachouli for an experience of relaxation, rejuvenation, wellness and balance of energies.

Contact- Pachouli Spa Wellness Clinic
                Pusa Road, Punjabi Bagh, Noida, Shivalik, Model Town

Call- +91 7802028028/ 9858060708

By Khushboo Jain
Wellness Advocate, Founder of Madaboutwellness
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