‘Panicked During Water Break’: Dipika Kakkar Burst Into Tears Remembering Her Delivery Experience!

Dipika Kakar, a well-known small-screen actor, is also a YouTuber who discloses every aspect about her life. She recently became a mother, and the actress opened out about her delivery experience.

Dipika Kakkar gave birth to a baby boy prematurely on June 21, 2023. The actress’s son remains in the NICU. Deepika is still hospitalised. The famous actress had not posted a vlog since giving birth. Her husband, Shoaib Ibrahim, on the other hand, kept his supporters up to date on every development. Deepika has now recounted her delivery story in a new vlog.

Dipika Kakkar recalls when her water broke

Dipika Kakkar recently posted a vlog on YouTube about her delivery experience. An actress said that her water broke after she returned home from Shoaib’s birthday celebration and went to bed. She thought it was minor at first, but when the water level rose, Shoaib rushed him to the hospital.

Dipika also stated that she had panicked during this time. They stated-“I was wearing a nightgown, as well as the water broke on the bed, it turned pinkish.” It was slightly pinkish. Shoaib noticed it and said that it was pink. I was tense at the time. I told Shoaib to call Shweta (the doctor), and when I went to the toilet to check, there was only a little blood in there. “I went completely blank after that.”

Doctor Asked for emergency delivery

The doctor requested an emergency delivery and contacted the hospital. Shoaib went to change, and I cried in front of the cupboard. I was in a panic. A thousand thoughts raced through my mind. When Shoaib urged me to get ready, I burst into tears. Shoaib then told me to calm.”Deepika goes on and said, “When I was sitting in the car, I was very nervous, and I wanted the baby to show some movement, and the baby moved a couple of times.”

Was Asking About Shoaib all the time

Deepika eventually calmed down after this. When Shoaib went to get ready, Dipika became concerned and kept asking about him.The Actress went on to say that she felt relieved after Shoaib arrived and that she went through the entire C-section birth experience. They were expecting a boy, and that’s exactly what occurred. Deepika became emotional as she described her first time meeting her baby child.

Welcomed Baby boy after 5 years

Deepika further stated that she received the most wonderful present in the world on the occasion of Eid, which was to hold her child in her arms. For the first time, the actress hugged and caressed her baby.Let us tell you, Deepika and Shoaib welcomed baby boy after 5 years of marriage.They not yet revealed his child’s face or name. Chotu is his affectionate name.