Pankaj Tripathi, Who Looks Cool On The Screen, Gets Angry On This Matter, Read The Full News!

Pankaj Tripathi, who has won the hearts of the audience with his style on screen, is not only in reel life but also in real life, he is alive hearted and very happy mood. But there is one thing that makes Pankaj Tripathi very angry. Recently, Pankaj Tripathi and his wife Mridula Tripathi have disclosed this in an exclusive conversation with

Mridula, wife of Pankaj Tripathi, tells that although Pankaj never gets angry, I had seen him angry only a few months ago after many years. He further told that Pankaj gets angry when someone overdoes something with him. This happened once when Pankaj Tripathi got angry, that too for only 10 minutes. After that he calmed down. Mridula told that there is one more thing on which Pankaj gets angry. Pankaj does not like to use plastic at all and if someone uses plastic in front of him, then Pankaj gets angry very quickly. Even I am very fond of plants, so even if I have to bring plants from outside, I avoid bringing plants in plastic. Or I keep it hidden from Pankaj’s eyes, otherwise he gets very angry.

Pankaj, while speaking on this question, says that plastic is the enemy of the environment, it causes a lot of harm and I myself have kept many cloth bags in the house so that there is no use of plastic in my house. I myself carry my own bags from home and go out to collect things, even if I am shooting; I carry my steel or copper water bottle. I never even drink water in a plastic bottle, so in such a situation, if someone in my house or my own plastic is used in front of me, then I get really angry.

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