Parineeti Chopra Faces Backlash As Netizens Slam ‘Chamkila’ Role And Weight Gain Remarks

Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra, known for her versatile acting skills and dynamic roles, recently found herself amid controversy. The actress who plays Amarjot Kaur in the film Chamkila made some comments about her role that did not sit well with netizens.

In an interview with India Today, Parineeti Chopra revealed that she had been asked to gain weight, avoid makeup, and look her worst for her role in ‘Chamkila.’ Some netizens found these comments offensive despite her intention to showcase her dedication to the role.

The Controversial Comments: A Closer Look

She mentioned, “When Imtiaz sir said that this is a film where you have to sing live on-set, You have to put on 20-16 kilos for this film, which I ended up putting. You’ve to put on 20 kilos for this film. You too not have a patch of makeup on your face. You have to sort of look your worst in the film.”

Contrary To Parineeti

Imtiaz can be heard stating in a different part of the video that Parineeti resembled the real-life singer Amarjot a lot, contrary to Parineeti’s assertion. As he said in an interview, “She looks a lot like Amarjot.” The director went into further detail about how Parineeti and Amarjot complemented each other in an additional open discussion. Imtiaz said:

“Unki toh shakal bhi milti hai. Singer hai, Punjabi hai, shakal bhi milti hai. Unhone apna kuch wajan badhaya. Saat kilo ya das kilo. Bahut jyada unhone bajan badhaya.”

Parineeti’s shocking lie: “Imtiaz Ali told me to put on 20 KG WEIGHT” – Imtiaz Ali never said that
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The Backlash: Netizens Express Discontent

Parineeti’s comments sparked a wave of backlash on social media. Many netizens felt that her remarks were disrespectful towards Amarjot Kaur. They argued that Amarjot Kaur was not a higher-weight woman and that Parineeti’s comments were inappropriate. 

A Reddit user commented, “She’s insulting Amarjot Kaur in every single interview by saying things like, ‘I look like my worst.’ Ffs Parineeti, please stop dragging down someone else to justify your weight gain and feel good about yourself.”

Parineeti’s Role In ‘Chamkila’:

Parineeti Chopra’s role in ‘Chamkila’ marks a significant departure from her previous roles. She plays the character of Amarjot Kaur, a complex and challenging role that requires her to undergo physical transformations. Critics have praised Parineeti’s performance in the film despite the controversy surrounding her comments.

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