Vikas Gupta opened up about being bisexual on social media platform and declared that he was indeed in a relationship with both Parth Samthaan and Priyank Sharma before. And now that Parth Samthaan has actually tested positive for the deadly coronavirus, Vikas Gupta has shared a cryptic tweet that seems to be hinting at his ex-boyfriend only.

Vikas gupta and Parth Samthaan

Yesterday, Parth Samthaan took to his social media handle and announced that he has been testes positive for COVID-19 and all those who have been close to him in last 10 days should also get the test done. Soon, ex-boyfriend Vikas Gupta shared some cryptic tweets talking about young people and Coronavirus. Vikas wrote, “It’s extremely selfish just because you are young & #covid won’t kill U doesn’t give you the right to take chances with other people’s lives who works with you & they go home to their kids & parents. Wander-Lust both can wait for few more months #StayHomeStaySafe.” Check out the tweet below:

Though Vikas Gupta didn’t mention anyone’s name in his tweet, netizens were quick to guess the person. However, Vikas cleared the air in his next tweet that he wasn’t taking a dig at anyone. He wrote, “Idiots who think it’s was a dig at someone can go take a broomstick ride to Nirvaana. Its meant for people to be extremely careful cause that can save lives #Covid19isGettingCloser #StayHomeStaySafe.” Check out the tweet below:

Vikas Gupta tweet after Parth Samthaan tests positive

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